What is Search Engine Penalties?

A Google penalty is the negative impact on a website's search rankings based on updates to Google's search algorithms or manual review. The penalty can be a by-product of analgorithm update or an intentional penalization for various black-hat SEO techniques.


Penguin was designed to penalize and decrease the rankings of websites that violated Google’s webmaster guidelines. Sites that artificially manipulated their rankings by using declared “black-hat” SEO techniques such as manipulating the number of links pointing to your page suffered greatly in the rankings, but many honest websites were affected as well. Search Engine Penalties can analyze your links, determine the issue, and get you ready for the next Penguin refresh.


Panda boosted the rankings of websites that provided high-quality, original content and penalized those with thin or copied content. Panda filters low-quality sites using a complex quality rating system, and it only takes a few instances of low-quality, duplicate or copied content to incur a penalty. According to Google, revising the content that caused the penalty is the best way to recover.


The change is so significant that the date it happened is being referred to by a variety of names. Here at Search Engine Land, we’re calling it mobilegeddon, but sometimes it’s also referred to as mobilepocalyse, mopocalypse or mobocalypse. One of the best ways to prepare is to test that Google considers your web pages to be mobile-friendly by using its Mobile-Friendly Test tool. More about the algorithm, including ways to bring improve the mobile-friendliness of your pages, is below.

Present Scenario

Off late keeping up with the search engines' policies can be a very challenging task for any business owner. www.sospenalties.com has made it a bit easier by inform business owners about the potential threat what can be harmful to a website's reputation and search engine rankings.

There are, in a broad sense, two types of search engine penalties, and Google can impose them in two ways. The types of penalties are as follows:

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Your site is completely dropped from the search engine. It’s no longer in the index, and the search engine will probably stop visiting your site. (This is often called de-indexing or a ban.) Assuming that you’ve been penalized (and your site can be dropped for reasons other than a penalty), you’ve really annoyed Google!


Your site is still in the search engine, but it just doesn’t seem to be ranking well; plus, some other symptoms are appearing that also suggest a penalty. But the site is still in the Google index, and Google even returns periodically to crawl more pages.

Now, the two processes by which a penalty can be imposed are the following

Algorithmically : The Google “algorithm,” the complex piece of software that evaluates sites and decides how to rank them, has found something on your site egregious enough to penalize your site.

Manually : Google has a “webspam team” that employs real, live human beings to examine websites. If the team finds something it doesn’t like, it can impose a penalty.


Google penalties aren't new,

but they're still a huge concern for SEOs:

It’s scary to think that organic search traffic can be virtually wiped out overnight. You could go from wildly profitable to just getting by—if you get hit by a penalty.

Is your website taking after effects of being hit by a Google penalties, due to which the rank and performance have go down drastically? This is where our Google Penalty Assessment helps websites get back on track and regain the lost ranking.

Our expert team works on a three-step protocol of right diagnosis, analysis and recovery. Well – versed with latest techniques offering, penalty removal and cleanup services. Our team puts into action various correction activities. We drive our Google Penalty Recovery efforts to get you the desired and lost ranking, making your website visible once again.

  • Step One: Detail and In Depth Site Analysis Our experts do an in-depth analysis of the website to identify areas that fail to match up with Google best practices and then offer the necessary solution to regain the lost rank.
  • Step Two: Use of Proven and Effective Strategies Our experts get into the work and try to analyse your site’s present status. To do so, we are involved in manual as well as algorithmic penalties removal strategies, suitable for each case.
  • Step Three: Back in Track Result driven efforts, experience and expertise make it possible to regain the website’s lost traffic & earning. We do it by employing suitable strategies and reinstate the lost position.
  • Step Four: Long Term Protection Process Our services don’t stop at the moment your website gets back on track; rather we provide post recovery services to ensure your site is in safe zone. Our aim always is to keep your site ranking on ascending order by eradicating any Search Engine Penalties threat perception.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing on different platforms

Digital Marketing has become a trend for every business. It's a new crazy way to get connected to people. Here's how different social media platforms are now utilized for promoting brands and increasing brand value.


Facebook is now the most popular podiums, not only used by personal but by businesses as well. For the brands or businesses, this is a platform to share the recent updates, photos, and general information with the followers or the ones who like or visit the Facebook page to find out what's going on in your company. For every business, the first step to get into Facebook is building the fanbase and publicize the page and then start posting links, images, etc. Once you start posting different things related to the products and services of your business, the fans and followers will start liking, commenting, sharing, and enquiring. This will broaden your customer base. It is also essential to create a Facebook icon on your website so that on clicking the icon your customers can directly visit your business page on Facebook too.


In the case of Twitter, the business or brand needs to have contents, which are enticing enough to stop people. Most of the people generally keep on scrolling quickly if they don't find something interesting to read or have a glance. When you are constructing the tweets on your business twitter page, ensure to put something that people will definitely stop at. You can tweet quotes, statistics, photos, hashtags, gifs, and short videos on Twitter.


Linkedin is designed especially for professionals and businesses. The users mainly visit the Linkedin pages for showcasing their professional thoughts and experiences. With features like Company pages, InMails, Linkedin Pulse, etc, this social media platform is considered as a valuable tool for driving traffic, and for recruiting.


This is quite similar to the Facebook page. Google+ allows sharing videos, updates, images, etc to be followed and then get reviewed.


For your business, YouTube is a great way to expose your business to the mass. Videos are much more engaging as compared to only texts, links, or images. Ensure that there is a purpose and importance of what you are uploading and sharing on YouTube. Also make sure that the video is clear, crisp, and easy-to-understand. And of course, your camera should not be a shaky one.


Pinterest is another great social media platform used widely nowadays by the business to watch out the latest trends and feeds. When you are posting or sharing anything on Pinterest, make sure to use backlinks to redirect the visitors to your website or the blog page of your website. Once you start posting, organize your Pinterest page by dividing it into multiple boards. Each of these boards must have a category associated with different aspects of the business. Try to keep it simple for the followers. Also, ensure that the captions are keyword optimized.

Now, you must have understood how important are the different social media platforms and how essential it is to promote your business or brand in social media. It's time for you to use the trend now for your business too.

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